Offer In Compromise
Offer In Compromise program is designed to reduce and settle IRS taxes for a fraction of tax debt owed. With a 97% acceptance rate, our firm specializes in IRS offers and guarantees IRS acceptance of any offer, sometimes as low as $100, for qualifying individuals and businesses. This is the most common and permanent solution to an IRS tax debt, as well as most popular of all IRS defense services
Currently Non Collectible Status
Currently Non Collectible means that the IRS will not attempt to collect on a tax debt. They will not levy, garnish, or seize any assets from you while under this status. Although this can be a permanent solution to a tax problem, it is more commonly used as a temporary tool prior to submitting for an offer in compromise.







Unfiled Tax Returns
Whether you have 1 year or 10 years of unfiled tax returns, we can prepare all your returns within a matter of days. Often times you don’t even need to send us any documentation — we will get your w-2’s, 1099’s, etc. directly from the IRS. We also prepare S-Corp, C-Corp, and Partnership Returns.
IRS Installment Agreement
Installment agreements with the IRS can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on your financial situation and amount of tax debt. Our firm is highly skilled in negotiating installment agreements with IRS Collections and IRS Revenue Officers that our clients are comfortable paying.Garnishment / Levy Release
Often times having a garnishment released is the first step in solving your tax problems. We release hundreds of wage, social security, pension and bank levies each year imposed upon our clients by either IRS Collections division or by IRS Revenue Officers. Our firm’s IRS defense services usually involve releasing a levy within 24 hours.
Audit Representation
Attending an IRS audit by yourself can be a very intimidating and unwise. Every question that an IRS Examiner asks is designed to obtain a particular result that favors them. Our firm is very skilled and experienced at representing individuals and businesses to limit the scope of audits and prevent criminal prosecution.

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Payroll Tax Delinquency
The IRS takes a very tough stance on unpaid payroll. The IRS is far more inclined to close down your business than allow further payroll to be unpaid. The IRS will also assess unpaid payroll personally against the owners called a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Whether your business is one quarter behind or several years behind, our firm has specialized services designed to keep your business running while reducing and settling payroll taxes through an “in-business” offer in compromise or establishing a manageable installment agreement.
Criminal Tax Defense
Highly experienced in representing individuals charged criminally. If in doubt whether your actions have constituted tax fraud, tax evasion, or tax avoidance, its best to contact our office for a free consultation on the matter. If you have reason to believe that your civil audit may be referred to CID (“Criminal Investigation Division”), contact our office immediately as you will need experienced legal representation.Schedule a Free Consultation

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