Imagine a life free of IRS tax debt.

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Imagine a life free of IRS tax debt.
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$23,763 IRS Tax Debt Eliminated for $100.

Ken, a former Army Ranger from Shelby Township Michigan came to our office owing in excess of $23k to the IRS. After evaluating his case, we determined that he could settle with the IRS for $100 in full extinguishment of his entire tax debt. He didn't believe that this was possible. To further assure him that it was possible, we guaranteed that the IRS would accept his $100 offer. In January 2016, the IRS contacted our office and counter-offered at $1400. Ken wanted to accept the counter-offer but our office convinced him to reject it and to proceed with an appeal. On March 1, 2016, our office won the appeal and the IRS was forced to accept Ken's $100 offer.

$17,239 IRS Tax Debt Eliminated for $1,200.

Donna, a massage therapist from Sterling Heights, Michigan, owed $17k to the IRS. Our office guaranteed her that the IRS would reduce and settle her entire debt for $1,200. She thought it was too good to be true but was comforted by the written guarantee. She also placed a wager with Attorney Paul Tarnavsky that if this offer was accepted she would provide his wife a free hour massage. Eight months later, Donna's offer was accepted on January 13, 2014. True to her word, Donna came to our office with a gift basket and included a coupon for a free hour massage for Paul's wife. Since then, Donna has referred three of her friends to our office.

$22,774 Partnership IRS Tax Debt Eliminated for $1,866

Jon and Leann were husband and wife from Clinton Township, Michigan and partners in a home remodeling business. They had several years of unfiled partnership returns (Form 1065). After filing their returns, they owed in excess of $20k to the IRS in unfiled return penalties. We prepared a settlement offer on their behalf for $1,866. The IRS accepted their offer on June 4, 2013 without being forced to shut down their business. The couple was so thrilled about the results that have since referred a major car dealership with payroll tax problems to our office.

Garnishment Stopped, Client Pays IRS Nothing on an $11,021 Tax Debt

Donald, a retiree from North Augusta, South Carolina owing $11k in tax debt contacted our office when the IRS began garnishing his social security income. Our office put an immediate stop on all garnishments and placed Donald onto a non-collectible status with the IRS. Now, the IRS receives nothing from Donald and they cannot garnish him.

Social Security Garnishment Stopped, $14,888 IRS Tax Debt Eliminated for $100

Larry, a retiree from Carrollton, Texas owed $14k to the IRS and his social security was on the brink of garnishment. Our office placed a hold on the account and submitted an offer of $100 to settle his debt. On July 8, 2015, the IRS accepted his offer of $100 in full settlement of the $14k debt. In addition, the $100 was to be paid over 2 months at $50/month.

$60K+ Tax Debt Reduced to $1,457.

In October 2015, an excavation and dirt hauling corporation located near Fort Worth, Texas had been audited by the IRS. The Client was unrepresented during the audit and his corporation was assessed over $60k in Federal taxes. After hiring our firm, we successfully reopened the audit and reduced the tax liability to $1,457.

$283,849 in Payroll Tax and Trust Fund Penalty Reduced and Settled for $47,515

In August 2014, Michael, an owner of a cabinet manufacturing company in Fort Worth, Texas, had been assessed a substantial trust fund penalty for unpaid payroll taxes on his company. Our office submitted an offer and in September 2015 we successfully negotiated an offer of $47,515 in exchange for full extinguishment of both the payroll tax amount and trust fund penalty. In addition, Michael was able to continue running his business.